We make milk production easier since 1994

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O firmie

POLANES to 100% polska marka wspierająca producentów mleka. Dostarczamy nowoczesne rozwiązania w zakresie technologii pozyskiwania mleka.  Działamy na ponad 30 światowych rynkach, oferując produkty o najwyższej jakości, dostosowane do potrzeb nowoczesnego hodowcy. Aktualnie znajdujemy się w fazie zmiany strategii i modelu funkcjonowania organizacji. 


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For more than 25 years we have been daily assisting breeders in 32 countries worldwide in the process of obtaining top-quality milk and improving efficiency of dairy farms. Our knowledge and experience help improve our solutions addressed at meeting the users' requirements.

do adresu www Our devices are operated every day on more than 2,500 farms worldwide, being the evidence of confidence in and reliability of our solutions based on Polish engineering methods  and domestic production.Combination of these experiences helps us improve our products and meet the market demands.In our operations, we particularly emphasise reliability and life of our systems, as well as support for the breeders in improving milk production  efficiency. 

Fotolia 61654324 S     We help in milk production

We are aware that expectations of the market nowadays go beyond supply of technology and ensuring its correct operation. This is why we keep improving the level of our services and technical support by consulting, ensuring full availability of spare parts and consumables. This is how we understand support for and co-operation with our customers - delivery of a system is the beginning of our co-operation and a unique opportunity to provide our customers and users with full support in their daily work.

do adresu wwwThis model of action is the highlight of our mission which is to assist daily production of milk by delivering technological solutions and ensuring their uninterrupted operation. Such actions and way of thinking helps us strive to achieve our vision which is to be the supplier of choice in daily work with the breeders to improve milk production.





Quality in our work and products is just the beginning; we take care of quality in our organisation, quality of our suppliers, quality of the environment.

do adresu wwwWe believe that quality is not only a record, standard, or model – it is the daily care to ensure proper commitment to every detail of our activities and our products. Responsibility for this does not end when the customer pays, this is just the beginning of another stage of proving ourselves how much we care about our customers and their recognition.

Fotolia 60549743 S  Everything we do, we do for quality’s sake


Our company has always been oriented on new opportunities and possibilities offered by state-of-the-art technology and engineering, supported by ideas of our staff. Nowadays, however, we particularly rely on know-how of our customers, partners, suppliers, and staff.

do adresu www It is this combination of knowledge and experience from daily co-operation and openness to comments, suggestions, and observations of our market partners is the core of our activity in this area. Today, we are proud to announce that we have formed a Product Development Department which will be improving our existing and planned solutions as a part of a planned process.