We make milk production easier since 1994

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Production of milk is an individual and complex process. POLANES solutions  and devices have been aiding thousands of farmers worldwide in their daily work for over 20 years. Considering the needs and capabilities of our customers, we are there to provide them with efficient and state-of-the-art solutions which improve production cost-efficiency while also improving animal welfare.



We offer state-of-the-art and  proven solutions for the entire milk production cycle: from duct systems, through milking parlours and feeding systems, to comprehensive herd management. Making full use of the opportunities offered by co-operation with POLANES in delivery and assembly of devices, as well as milking and feeding systems, opens new possibilities in production and increases milk production profit yield. We see proof of this every day, as tens of thousands of cows and other livestock are milked every day worldwide using our devices. Satisfaction and requirements of our customers are both an incentive and a challenge to us. We would like to thank our Users to date for their trust and invite new Farmers to co-operation!